Dynamic Medical Demo (DMD) is a design and fabrication company that creates custom anatomical models which are used to educate and train physicians, inform patients, support R&D and provide materials to sales and marketing personnel within the medical community.

Our long term experience within the medical industry enables us to create models specific to your individual needs and to provide working environments that closely duplicate the human anatomy. Established in 1994, DMD has assisted R&D Teams, Marketing Groups, Legal Teams and others in both domestic and international product development launches and case studies.

Some or our recent projects have included; medical simulation models, medical training models and training aids which are essential for medical students, doctors and patients. We provide medical anatomical models for patient education, physician training and education, medical patient simulators, trade show visual aids for new medical devices and simulators for engineers testing new medical devices.

DMD can accommodate any size order; small or large, whether you are interested in one custom made-to-order product or a large quantity production, we welcome you to contact us.