Dynamic Medical Demo (DMD) is a design and fabrication company that creates custom anatomical models which are used to educate and train physicians, inform patients, support R&D and provide materials to sales and marketing personnel within the medical community.

Who We Are

In 1985 the company started as a small endeavor that serviced Sales and marketing departments exclusive to Medical Device Manufacturing companies. After many years of comprising promotional literature Dynamic Demo was employing new techniques to meet the demands of the trade show industry with small devices designed to witness catheter performance and competitive issues. As the demand continued to grow so did our experience casting human replicas and addressing the stent evolution. We continued to become more sophisticated with our design techniques to where we are today after working with over 300 different medical companies. No challenge is too large and no project is too small. Weather your quantity needs are in the hundreds for the field or one-offs for R and D testing we can accomodate you with our 30 years of experience in all facets of medical device model making.