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Anatomical Reproduction

We value your input knowing that you are the experts. Dynamic Demo is very receptive to understanding the specifics and how your device is to perform in its correct anatomy. With thousands of references available we study the area of access and recreate it using suitable materials to help emulate device performance.

Visual Impact

We know how important it is to actually see how devices perform, whether a working model is needed for R&D purposes or to introduce new product to investors, or training - Dynamic Demo has designed a unique way to reproduce complex vessel anatomies with water clear visual access.  This technology can be applied for heart chambers, airway representation, UTI, Bladder, Aneurysms and the list goes on.


With so much activity in the vessel anatomy Dynamic Demo has developed several techniques to recreate vein and arterial segments and systems.   Utilizing silicone, urethane and a large variety of chemical composites we can create custom vessels with correct tapers, take-offs and while offering visualization.  Seamless and anatomically correct and in any way you can conceive.  Additionally Dynamic Demo can offer organ reproduction after navigating through the assembly.

Active Systems

For the more complex procedures Dynamic Demo offers the whole package.  After designing the correct internal model atmosphere we can then prepare prototypes for evaluation. Radial approach, femoral approach, or any other approach can be added to address any facets of the procedure. Flow & pulsation, can all be combined for a realistic operational procedure.

Sales & Marketing

Product enlargement are made available to identify the true intricacies of catheter design, balloon catheters, guide wires, guide catheters, fitters, sutures, bones, skim, tissue, you name it.  Nothing works better for sales and marketing than to have a 3D working model that is device interactive.

Educational and Training

We have made operating systems all over the world over the past 30 years to illustrate the technologies for procedural device implementation.  Anatomical models to present the challenges and allow for physician comfort.  The design and manufacturing of these types of models include a combination of engineering along with expertise in material composition. They come together for amazing results.


Existing examples that show some of the processes. In this unique industry allow Dynamic Demo to participate in developing a custom working model to promote, educate or market your device technology.